A man trapped in his own mind quickly loses sight of the line between reality and dreams.

Behind the Scenes

We wanted to have higher production value for this short than previous films, almost all of that came down to better lighting. To both convey a sense of dreaminess and make things look much 'cleaner' we used a large bed sheet and a 1K fresnel to illuminate downstairs, with a second 1K covered in blue gel to imitate moonlight. A similar setup was used upstairs too, a gelled 1K for moonlight and a bounced 1K for soft ambient light.

The second area we wanted to dramatically improve was sound, as with lighting it was something we knew how to do properly, but had never been able to do it properly in the amount of time we had. We decided to scrap all recorded audio and instead worked on foley and sound effects before the short was even finished filming. I then wrote some music, edited it all together and voila.



I actually invested in a fog machine for this short, but to my dismay after just one press of the 'activate' button it sputtered to a permanent halt. So as a significantly more problematic substitute we discovered we could use fog fluid in a pan to create atmosphere in the room.

We quickly learned that there would be no hope of controlling the volume of fog and had to wait for 10-20 minute periods while the fog levels settled to what we were aiming for.

Floating Gun

To sell the effect it was vital that the character picked the gun out of the air in one shot, I didn't want to use a digital 3d model and then cut to him holding it. It turned out to be a very simple piece of post-production, some gaussian blur, motion tracked wire and frame by frame masking got rid of the fishing wire.

There were however a bunch of problems trying to tie up the gun, we ended up disassembling the gun, cutting a hole in one of the mechanisms and adding a weight in the front to keep the gun flat as it spins.