A young woman is faced with tough choices when her friend doesn't win a lottery ticket to leave a dyeing Earth.

Behind the Scenes

We filmed in an abandoned milk factory using a diesel generator to power our lights, it turned out the generator couldn't handle it and we were left with a dim flickering single lamp at our disposal. We built the space-shuttle interior out of insulation board, wood and gaffer tape (lots of gaffer tape) in my garage, it's rough around the edges but I think we did okay with no plan, materials and 5 hours to build it. The underwater shots used a tank that we built in the garage with scrap plexiglass, a wood frame and more gaffer tape, we finished filming that same night about 10 minutes before David (the one being drowned) had to go and get a train. The space shots used a large window covered in water and paint, with a light illuminating the paint from below.

Oblivion UI 1.jpg

Location Scouting

Google is your friend when it comes to location scouting, we spent a long time on Maps discussing potential locations. This factory happens to be quite close to Pazzy's house so we were able to dump a generator and equipment at his house to avoid carrying it on the bus.

Toxic Waste 

The factory was full of barrels marked 'Toxic Waste'. However, someone in the crew didn't realise and half-jokingly said we should create dust clouds from the barrel contents. Only after running through the toxic dust a few times did he see the markings.