In Shadows

Strange things start happening as the sky darkens and shadows creep in through the windows.

Behind the Scenes

This was possibly the most whimsical production I've ever done, myself and Jules came up with the vague idea at about 2AM, and proceeded to film and edit for the next 15-20 hours before sleeping, then finishing off the final touches and uploading it before lunch. There was no VFX, no fancy stuff, just creepy things happening and a piano that plays itself.

A Piano that Plays Itself

To have the piano appear to play itself I played face up on the ground and reached my arm up through the deconstructed lower half of the piano until I could touch the back of the notes and push them upwards. My arm is hidden by a jacket on the piano stool.

Flickering Lights

The longest stretch of filming was, surprisingly, getting the light to flicker off. Because it was a handheld shot I had to use my feet, this would have been simple if we just wanted to turn it off but we wanted it to flicker. I tried time after time to slowly pull the plug from the extension socket until finally we got a good take.