Coffee Break

A group of film students search for their next great idea.

Behind the Scenes

This film was made as part of a short film challenge, we spent an evening planning and then shot the entire thing the next day in 7 different locations, so we had about an hour to shoot each segment. While we could have written a good, moving, meaningful piece of drama we instead chose to see how much we could cram into a tiny length of production time. 

We had to work out how to fill bags with explosive gas, safely slam me into a table, safely smash a stool over David's back, film a 50ft jump and then act wide awake at 3AM to film the discussion that ties everything together. The next day was editing, sound design, colour grading, a couple more shots and then writing and recording the music while in the car on the way to submit it half an hour later. I finished mixing the audio while we waited for the hard drive to hand it in.


Most of the outdoor scenes were shot on and around Dartmoor, a local national park full of sheep and trees.


The very same day shooting wrapped a set of three boxes appeared at the door. My shiny new lights had arrived a moment too late to be used in this video, though that was probably a good thing as we already had no time.