Hello World.

So this is a blog, I guess? I suppose I'll introduce myself.

My name's hopefully evident from the URL of this website, so I'll skip that. This blog is a place for me to place my thoughts, and translate the abstract wonderings of my mind into coherent sentences and paragraphs. I don't know exactly what I'll be posting yet, but I know it'll include thoughts on films and my misadventures in making films of my own. It's a place for me to write things directed at someone other than myself, which I think might be a useful learning experience. Hopefully, some others will find my developing methodology and the things I learn to be useful.

They say the first blog is always the hardest, or at least someone has, at some point. I'm sure of it.

So I'll leave it here, assuming this post will act as a footnote to let you know you've reached the first post ever written. Saying that, it feels like I should leave something special here to reminisce about in many years time. 

Voilà, the only photo on my desktop, of an orange. Taken with a 50mm lens and a cardboard tube for a lens extender.